XBROKENXROSEX (4givemejay) wrote,


I had a dream last night ... A male was acting shady in parking lot. I watched through the cameras which oddly enough I was watching it outside on cameras. he saw me . pointed the gun at me and tried to hold me hostage. I tried shaking hands to be nice but or because I didn't really care what he did to me. If anything it was to escape but I don't know what kind of life I was living in my dream . He wouldn't let me go. I kind of was scared but more in shock in a way where my adrenaline didn't spike at all which is why I was able to be like whatever and just be nice.I don't really remember if he killed me and I was in pergatory or if I killed him. I randomly appeared in a building, I was in a room with no doors. I then saw two females, one in red skin with graffiti type bumps and lines and the other with red , their hair color was colored in bright colors also. They were friends with this guy who tried to hold me hostage. I was nervous but found them attractive with their sex eyes and skimpy outfit which normally is a turn off when people dress slutty. I didn't see them as slutty but just sexy. They tried to convert me to their side which I guess was supposed to be "evil" considering they were friends with the guy who held me hostage. They both say on my lap on the couch. I don't remember if I kissed them or if I was just so close to them I imagined kissing them. They kept pleading saying come on, just become one of us. I told them I had to think about it but it seemed to telepathically become an understanding that I had the rest of the day to think about it. I walked down the hallway where I passed little areas like I would at a fleet market but in an actual business building. I saw a room with ps4 shit and a Room with Xbox. I don't know why or what purpose. I then saw two Wiener dogs . Couldn't find my way out. I randomly blinked and opened my eyes to see myself At my aunt and uncles house. I was in the bedroom , I have seen this house before in another dream but it doesn't really exist. I tried to escape before they found me and told my mom where I was. I somehow left the house and tried to leave through the front yard. As I exited through the Forresty yard I saw my uncle. I tried hiding but couldn't really see where I was headed. I wanted to go back to the girls because I felt they had a plan for me which was easier knowing rather then wandering without knowing where I was headed.
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